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Donate to a NICU Family! Click on Link!

For every $20 donated, a 1 Week Parking Pass will be given to a current NICU family at Rainbow Babies and Children - University Hospital in Cleveland, OH.

 My son, Huckleberry was born 12 weeks premature and spent the first 83 days of his life in the NICU.  With the addition of my 3 week hospitalization and numourous appointments after Huck's discharge, we spent over $400 just in parking.  With added expences such as: gas, food, child care for my older son, time off work and so on... it meant so much to us when indivduals came together to help us, financially.  We want to continue to pay it forward and hope to lift the spirits of these current families, because we know it is a long road.  Please help us help these families! Thank you!


A Network of Mothers

(expecting, new, and experienced)

1st Thursday of Every Month



Olmsted Falls Public Library

8100 Mapleway Drive Olmsted Falls, OH

Gain accurate, evidence based information in preperation for your birth and breastfeeding journey.

Gain support in an informal atmosphere full of trust and respect.

Gain access to resources within your community that will help you reach your breastfeeding goals.

Mom Gifts!, Guest Speakers, Demonstrations, Monthly Topics!

And of course, let the babies play!

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Everything I do, everything I cherish, everything that satisfies me; these things bring me comfort and protection, and yet I feel trapped by doctrine and imposed values.  In turn, I challenge myself to question my domesticated upbringing and the society in which I live by recreating memories that are often difficult to face.  I tear back layers from my façade to recapture these past experiences, which can be agonizing, yet it is inevitable that I continue.  This is catharsis.  The process results in an artifact; a residue of the original memory, replacing what was once stifling or painful.  I incorporate my own body as canvas to push the boundaries of sexuality vs. maternity; shock vs. nurture. In my works, I utilize raw building materials usually hidden behind the walls such as: fiberglass insulation, air conditioning ducts and ventilation systems.   In contrast, I use domestic objects used within the context of daily routine such as: dining room chairs, kitchen utensils, and traditional women’s work such as: quilting, crochet and embroidery.  By combining materials that make up the home, with objects found within the home, I create an interior/exterior dialogue and in turn ask the viewer to question their own positions.